Hope on the horizon...

from pollster type Ruy Texeira:

The growth action on the religious front is among unaffiliated or secular voters, who are the fastest-growing "religious" group in the United States. From 1944 to 2004 the percentage of adults reporting no religious affiliation almost tripled, rising from 5 percent to 14 percent. Projections indicate that by 2024 somewhere between 20-25 percent of adults will be unaffiliated.

This trend, combined with growth among non-Christian faiths and race-ethnic trends, will ensure that in very short order we will no longer be a white Christian nation. Even today, only about 55 percent of adults are white Christians. By 2024 that figure will be down to 45 percent. That means that by the 2016 election (or 2020 at the outside) the United States will cease to be a white Christian nation. Looking even farther down the road, by 2040 white Christians will be only around 35 percent of the population and conservative white Christians (a critical part of the GOP base) only about a third of that—a minority within a minority.

The question is can we wait that long, and how far will those who believe the USA's status as "a white Christian nation" is based on something more "essential" than demography go to arrest the process and either "take their country back" or trash it so no one else can have it...


Rugged individualist Americans

There are a lot of ways to read THIS ("Sweet land of Conformity...", by Claude Fischer, Boston Globe, boston.com)
but on a general level, a combination of self-righteousness and dimwittedness -- the perfect attitude for the imperial homeland -- seems like the most accurate interpretation...